September 9, 2013

So why am I turning to blogging?

If anyone had asked me four weeks, nay - even two weeks!  ago, whether I ever envisioned myself blogging on the internet, I would have given them a funny look. Okay, truth be told – I wasn’t even reading any blogs. But then the new school year started! I was brutally yanked out of the lethargic summer break stupor and had to remember that I actually have to work for a living. As usual, the year started off with a bang. Overwhelmed (just a tad) by new incoming new students on IEPs, an ever-growing caseload, new challenging behaviors, returning students who had clearly regressed over the summer, and a constant personal drive to transform these kiddos into competent communicators, I turned to the internet for novel therapy ideas and inspiration.

And I was greeted by a wealth of creativity in the form of SLP blogs and websites oozing great activities, ideas, and motivation. Using information from these sources, I made it successfully through the first week of therapy! This experience made me realize what a great bunch of people our profession brings forth – we are all unique in our creativity and each of us has valuable information to bring to the table. And I am one of them! So, I started this blog, with the following goals in mind:
  • Share and exchange therapy ideas
  • Provide inspiration and motivation to fellow SLPs – we are not alone, we’re all in the same boat facing similar challenges
  • Use this blog as a springboard for personal and professional growth
  • Connect with new people (something I am admittedly not very good at)

We are not in an easy or straightforward field of practice, but we’re in this together. Even if one of my entries helps just one person – Mission accomplished!


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