June 6, 2014

The End of the School Year!

The end of the school year has finally arrived! Although I only have a week of break between now and the beginning of our Extended School Year program, I feel content in how much I have accomplished this year. Between opening up my TPT store and starting this blog (I am hoping to provide more consistent updates again now that the end-of-the-schoolyear-stress is complete), I saw amazing growth in some of my students and have formed new and lasting professional relationships with some of the teachers at my site. This year I really started to feel like part of the team! As much as I complained the last few months, I guess it was a good year in the end.

And, while I have never been excited to return to work after the summer, this year I am! I will be moving from a broom-closet sized speech room into a larger room with storage space, a white board, and a document camera!!! My mind is already churning as to how the space can be used. But first, summer :).

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