August 28, 2014

Back-to-School Night Activity

Guess Who - Speech Kids edition
We had our Back-To-School Night this week and I chose to participate for the first time (I was unable to do this in the past because I couldn't accommodate more than three adults in my Speech room). I had a great time meeting parents old and new, and wanted to share a fun activity that I had prepared for this event with my fellow SLPs: Guess Who - Speech Kids edition!

This was a fun guessing game that challenged my Speech students' parents who dropped by to identify their child based on their smiles. To create this activity, I took pictures of all of my speech students, cropped out their mouths, and placed the pictures inside a digital frame. I then printed and laminated the pictures and stuck them onto poster board with Velcro (this will allow me to re-use this activity with different students in the future). On the back of each mouth I placed a picture of the student, so that parents could check their answers. Yes, it was a time-consuming project, but so worth the effort. I'm still missing a few kids who come from off-campus, so I left some room on the bottom and will add them later.

I was surprised at how well these parents did! Most of them used the patterns of missing teeth to guide them. This was a fun activity that really set the tone for this year. I think we will have a lot of fun! I spent a large chunk of my summer on Pinterest and have all kinds of ideas of what to do in Speech this year!

Next week I will have to show this to my students and see if they can identify themselves.

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