September 7, 2016

Organizing Therapy Materials Using Hardware Cabinets

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Ever since I've started my SLP career, I've struggled with the organization of my materials. Things always kind of ended up in a messy pile. This problem got even worse when I started accumulating materials from TPT, especially smaller products such as card decks. This year, I finally seem to have found the solution to my problem: Hardware cabinets by Akro-Mils! I currently own two different sizes: 
1. 24 Drawer Size (each drawer measuring 4-3/8-Inch x 2-Inch x 5-1/4-Inch)
2. 64 Drawer Size (each drawer measuring 2-1/8-inch by 1-1/2-inch by 5-1/4-inch drawers)

These cabinets are an absolute life saver! Made of sturdy plastic, they hold up to daily use. Each drawer also has a slot to insert dividers, so you can create even more space. I am currently using the larger cabinet for my articulation decks (the Webber cards fit perfectly), as well as all of the other card decks I have accumulated on TPT. The smaller cabinet houses my Brag Tags (more to come on these soon!). Before discovering these gems I just stuffed everything willy-nilly into my shelf or a photo box -- you can see how messy that looked.

And remember my Articulation Sticks? They also fit perfectly into one of the larger drawers!

I used the Webber card inserts and file labels to label each drawer. Now I can easily find materials and things look much neater. 

Bonus: These cabinets have holes in the back so that they can be hung on a wall if you lack counter space! You can also stack them.

These are definitely worth the investment - I'm sure I'll be using these drawers for the remainder of my SLP career!

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