September 26, 2018

Simplify Articuation Therapy with Word Cards

After 10 years of using them, I have to admit I am so over individual articulation card decks. While they are great when playing Go Fish or some other type of matching game, they are a real pain in the you know what for drill-type activities. They rarely stay in the order I want them in and all get mixed up, sometimes ending up spread all over the table.

This is why Word Cards are one of my favorite things to use. Word cards are basically just a single sheet with a bunch of words printed on it. Each card is organized and color-coded by word position. You can whip out a sheet in therapy and just have students "go" without worrying about flipping cards and potentially creating a mess on the table. Since many of my younger students are not proficient readers yet, I wanted not just a word list, but needed something with picture supports.I had made my first Word card many years ago using the clip art available in Microsoft Word. I finally got around to remaking the cards and "beautifying" them by using cuter clip art. So now you too can indulge! They have been a a true life saver and are available on TPT here.

I use these cards for drills, bingo (you can do this when students are working on different cards), and other open-ended activities (finding a word by listening to the description, comparing and contrasting two words, etc.).

These cards are also great for a functional bulletin board idea that also serves as a storage opportunity. For each sound, I cut the top 3" off a large manila envelope, wrote the sound on it (I used thinking/talking bubble bulletin accents from Lakeshore), and laminated it. Then I used thumbtacks to stick each envelope on the wall and placed my cards inside. When students get to Speech, I can just tell them which card to grab. For example, if they are working on /r/ in medial position, I will say, "Grab a blue /r/ card". That way they can get started on their drills with no time wasted.

If you pick up these cards in my store, I hope you love them as much as I do!! Leave a comment to share how you would use these cards!

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