October 30, 2013

Halloween Treats

I am being a kind SLP this year by handing out small Halloween treats to all of my students. I picked up some candy (all peanut free!) and small items at Walmart and put them together in a small party bag. (I had checked prior to this with the parents of students with known food allergies.)

Making the treat bags!

In our session, we spent some time talking about the phrase "Trick or Treat", and especially the difference between "tricks" and "treats" and the meaning of each word. I was baffled at how many kids thought "tricks" were something positive in this context! The meaning of the phrase was lost on many of them, so it created a great teaching moment. I then told them that because it was Halloween, Ned (the chief item from the game "What's in Ned's Head?") had stuck a bunch of bones in his head. Each bone had either the word "Trick", or the word "Treat" written onto it.

Bones in Ned's Head.
Students then took turns fishing out bones from Ned's head, and received their treat bag when they found one that said "treat" (if they got tricked, they got another turn). Kind of a silly activity to take up the last 5 minutes of our session! And of course the kids really liked getting treats :).

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