September 29, 2014

Social Skills Group Behavior Expectations

I am continuing to progress through my social skills curriculum with my groups and last week we began to tackle Lesson #2: Behavior Expectations and Rules. In both my younger and older groups we have been discussing what rules are and why we need them (even if we don't like some of them). We also compared / contrasted the rules that we have at home versus the ones we have at school.

My 4th-5th graders came up with some great ideas!
For our activity, I had my older students (grades 4-5) brainstorm and write down five rules they thought would be the most important ones to follow while participating in our group. They had some awesome ideas, including to "keep hands to self", "think about others' feelings", "listen to the teacher", etc. I think my favorite suggestion was to "Be 100% great!"

Our top 5 rules for
social skills group
For my younger students I modified this activity by collectively coming up with possible group rules as I was writing them down. They also had some great ideas, including "Don't get naked" :). I love my social skills kiddos!

On the right are the top 5 rules that we decided are the most important, even though there may be other rules that we know we must follow (the "unwritten" rules - such as being honest). We posted these for all to see on the bulletin board. I did feel that we needed to talk a little bit more about this topic, so we will be continuing this lesson this week by learning about consequences when breaking a rule.


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