September 15, 2014

Therapy Planning Made Easy(er)

The daily
I always strive to become more efficient. One area that I always struggled in were the transitions between groups - putting away materials from the previous group while trying to pull out the needed materials for the next always wasted a minute or so of precious therapy time. This year I'm trying something a little different.

Before therapy started this year, I went to all the classrooms to take pictures of my students (for the Guess Who poster). I took these photos and spent some time putting them into cute little digital frames on my computer, printed, laminated, and stuck some magnetic tape onto them. This made them adhere to the white board.

Our materials for the day.
When I get to work in the morning, I pick out the pictures of the students I see that day and stick them onto the whiteboard in the order that I will work with each group. Next to their pictures, I will write a little note of what the general plan is that day. I then pull out all of the materials we will need that day and stick them in a little crate that I bought at Walmart for less than $2 and put it by the therapy table. That way, I can easily access all of my materials throughout the day, keeping them organized and in one place, which makes clean-up easy and fast.

I know, it seems like such a simple thing... being an SLP sure comes with a steep learning curve, doesn't it?

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