October 6, 2016

5 Halloween-Themed Ideas for Language Therapy

My favorite month to work as a speech therapist is definitely October, because there are just sooo many activities you can do for Halloween. Without further ado, below are some spooky language therapy ideas for you to try this month:

1. Pumpkin Compare & Contrast: Bring in a variety of pumpkins/squash (or look at pictures online). Then, have students describe and compare/contrast them. Similarly, you could pull up different renditions of Halloween monsters online and have students compare and contrast those.

2. Create a Spooky Story with Dice: Being a big fan of Rory's Story Cubes, I had to buy this set of Story Time Dice: Scary Tales. Each of the seven dice contains a different story element for a ghost story. What is nice about these dice is that they are polyhedral, i.e. have more than six sides/options. Each die contains a different element, and includes heroes, tools, settings, obstacles, twists, monsters, and endings. Did I mention that these glow in the dark?

3. Ghost Story Comprehension: Read a ghost story with your group - you  can even turn off the lights and bust out some candles or flashlight to help the atmosphere. Then work on comprehension, asking Wh-questions about the story. You can get many Halloween short stories for Kindle for FREE on Amazon. 

4. Haunted House Visualization: Pretend you are entering a haunted house. Have your students walk you through by describing the sights, the sounds, the smells... you can make a game out of this by taking turns adding the next sentence.

5. Halloween Synonyms/Antonyms: Come up with a list of Halloween-y words (e.g., scary, pumpkin, witch, haunted, gloomy, ghost...). Then, have students come up with as many synonyms and antonyms for the words as they can. 

I have a list of things planned for my students in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more Halloween-themed speech therapy ideas and projects!

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