October 21, 2016

How to Make Monster Pencils

I love doing crafts with my students that I know won't go into the trash right after they leave my Speech room. And when you have 60+ students on your caseload, a bonus is when the materials used are relatively cheap. These monster pencils are not only cute and easy to make, but functional as well! 

To make your own monster pencils you will need: 
To make these pencils, you first need to pry the erasers out of the sockets. Put hot glue into the metal portion of the pencil and stick on the pompom. To fortify the design, I put additional glue around the spot where the pencil touches the pompom. Next, add the eyes. Since this is a monster, you can have just one eye or more than two. It looks especially cute if you use different sized eyes. Once the glue is dry, the pencils are done!

I paired this craft with the book Hey, That's MY Monster! (although any monster-themed story will work): I used it with different groups to work on comprehension, picked out words from the story containing articulation target sounds, and discussed it with my social skills group. Given the versatility of this activity, it made therapy planning super easy this week!

I wish I could claim credit for this cute idea, but I originally found it here.

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